Symposium on Computational Integration of Multi-Omics data

ZMB International Symposium

June 17-18th, 2019

Center of Molecular Biosciences (ZMB), Kiel


At the Symposium on Computational Integration of Multi Omics data, we aim to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and expertise between researchers working with different types of ‘omics’ data. This exchange will be complemented by a workshop on the analysis of single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) data. 


Confirmed Speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Elin Grundberg, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, USA (Keynote Speaker)
  • Prof. Dr. John Baines, University of Kiel, Germany
  • Dr. Chuan-Xing Li, Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden
  • Dr. Yang Li, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Dr. Fabian Müller, Stanford University, USA
  • Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi, Stanford University, USA / IIIT-Delhi, India
  • Dr. Bram Verstockt, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Dr. David Ellinghaus, IKMB, Kiel, Germany
  • Dr. Kristian Händler, DZNE, Bonn, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Häsler, IKMB, Kiel, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaleta, University of Kiel, Germany
  • Dr. Silke Symczak, University of Kiel, Germany

Single-cell RNA-seq data analysis Workshop on Day 2 



  • Dr. Neha Mishra, IKMB
  • Prof. Dr. Philip Rosenstiel, IKMB
  • Dr. Joana Pimenta Bernardes, IKMB
  • Johanna Ira Blase, IKMB
  • Dr. med. Konrad Aden, IKMB 
  • Franziska Höltge, IKMB




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